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Mystic Hot Springs, UT

Mystic hot spring tub
If you are traveling through central Utah on I-70, take time to stop in for a soak at Mystic Hot Springs and rejuvenate your soul!
A soak at Mystic Hot Springs is the best way to relax after a day of hiking at Bryce Canyon. Located in Central Utah, it is a perfect stop for us on our Best of the West tour between Bryce and Canyonlands. Upon our arrival, our guests often wonder “Where in the world have you brought us?” but soon realize Mystic is a truly unique and wonderful spot.
Mystic hot spring tub
Mystic hot springs
Mystic Pioneer Village
The springs are nestled in the foothills Fishlake National Forest, and has a long history dating back to 1880s. The owner, Mystic Mike, always has a number of projects going on, from raising tropical fish in some of the hot spring fed pools, to restoring old pioneer cabins, taking in abandoned and injured animals such as dogs, llamas, and burros, and making hand-blown glass jewelry, quilts, and artistic stickers.
We love stopping at Mystic, and wish there was a spot like it available for every tour! Visit Mystic with us on our Best of the West tours!