Our Credo in Nature


We are great believers in leaving the areas that we visit in as untouched a condition as is possible. We encourage everyone who travels with us to respect the land, the people and their fellow travelers. Please think and act responsibly and be considerate of others while you enjoy the journey.

At Adventure Bus, both in the office and on the road, we strive to lessen our impact on our world and will encourage you to do the same. We RECYCLE what we can on the bus and in the office; paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles, etc. We REDUCE our waste by rarely using disposable items such as paper plates and plastic cutlery, and plastic grocery bags. We will encourage you to have a REUSABLE container to carry your water in, and provide you with a safe water supply and encourage you NOT to buy bottled water which is bad for you, your pocket, and the environment. We REPAIR our equipment such as tents, chairs and sleeping bags when we can instead of just throwing them away. We know it is our RESPONSIBILITY to leave our world a better place for the next generation.

Although our buses are equipped to charge cell phones while we are driving, we encourage you to view them as an "Emergency Only" device. Service is usually limited in the places we visit and your batteries will run down quickly. Many people take this type of vacation to get away from technology. Please respect that.