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Whether you’re a group of friends, a family reunion, incentive vacations for your company, school geology clubs, companies, Greek clubs, etc. Groups from all over the world have joined us for our adventures! Let us know when and where you wish to travel, your special interests and budget. We then design a trip to fit the exact needs and expectations of your group. You can charter one of our scheduled departures or we can customize an itinerary to your exact requirements. Just tell us where and when you want to travel, what you want to do and how much you want to spend. We'll take care of the rest. You can charter one of our scheduled departures or we can customize an itinerary to your exact requirements. Adventure Bus chartered trip is the ultimate way to enjoy effortless travel.

AB can custom design a truly unique vacation to any of the destinations in which Adventure Bus travels. Your custom tour will be created according to your groups’ interests, needs and budget. We'll also let you know about secret spots and extraordinary places such as hot springs and swimming holes that might be missed when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

If your group is 8 to 14 guests and you prefer the dates and features of our standard tours, you can reserve an entire trip from our fixed-departure schedule for your private use. IT IS IMPORTANT TO RESERVE CHARTERS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE; your tour/date must be booked before other guests have reserved places on it.

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See why they love it so much!

"Absolutely Awesome. You're both great hosts. The trip was perfect for our group and I had the best time. I'm sure we will be talking about the heat, dust, cold and Brooke's foot for many years to come. I can't thank you enough for making it such a pleasurable trip after our 4 years of fundraising."

Sara Charron Girl Guides of Canada Grand Canyon Charter 2008

"My friends and I have been taking mountain bike trips to various locations throughout the west for the last ten years or so. We’ve stayed in condominiums, RV’s and hotels in order to feed our habit. Each format brings its own unique set of logistical issues. Questions, or arguments, about “who is going cook tonight” or “where are we going to camp” always arise. The issue of getting to trailheads and having a shuttle vehicle when doing point to point rides also adds another level of complication. Everything always works out but it sometimes detracts from the enjoyment of the trip.

For the last three years we took a different route by taking advantage of the services of the folks at Adventure Bus. I first contacted the owner, Stephanie Emery, via their website and inquired about a charter tour. I simply gave her a list of different trails throughout south central Utah that we wanted to ride and she took it from there. She completely researched all the trails and even visited those where access may have been an issue.

I should probably mention here, that as the name implies, our transportation/sleeping quarters were a former city bus named “Molly.” Stephanie devised a complete itinerary based on the sparse information that we were able to give her through email. She really made it easy for us.

What we truly found to be attractive about the Adventure Bus was the fact that none of us would have to worry about cooking, cleaning, driving or where we were going to stay each night. Having these logistical issues taken care of was a godsend. Stephanie and her driver, Ardell Hollobaugh made sure that all of our needs were met and even some we didn’t expect, (picture a hot tub under a starlit sky just outside of Bryce Canyon). All we had to do was ride. At the end of every ride we were met by Stephanie, Ardell and Molly with refreshments and plenty of food.

I mentioned Molly as our sleeping quarters. I would actually call her a lounge on wheels. Picture a full size bus, tear out the seats, put bunks in it and you have Molly. She provides a most comfortable ride while traveling from one location to another with picture windows all around. Ardell's driving prowess was proven time and again as we traveled along the back roads of Utah.

Stephanie made sure that our bodies were well fueled for each day’s adventure by preparing hearty meals and providing trailside snacks. The “kitchen” was a sight to behold as it came out of the belly of Molly like some sort of erector set. The efficiency with which Stephanie and Ardell set up housekeeping was an amazing thing to watch.

In addition to Utah we have now been to Idaho, Arizona and Nevada with the Adventurebus crew. Their flexibility and willingness to try something new always made each trip its own adventure. Having all of the logistical issues taken care of made each trip that much more enjoyable. We truly look forward to hopping on the Adventurebus again. Thanks Stephanie and Ardell for making our trips the experience that they were."

Alf Berry Mt Biking Charters to AZ, ID, UT 2005, 2006, 2007