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Maine Archive

Monhegan Island, Maine

Maine has more than 4,000 islands off it’s rugged coastline. Many are designated preserves, some are privately owned, but 15 of them are home to small communities and are unbridged from the main land and can only be reached by ferry. One of our favorite islands, is Monhegan Island. It is one of the destinations… Read more →

Multi-sport Maine!

Maine is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. Whatever your outdoor passion is, you can find it in Maine, from hiking, climbing and mountain biking, to kayaking, rafting, canoeing and even surfing! We also have a rich history of hunting and fishing and of course winter sports too, like skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. On… Read more →

Portland, ME

Welcome to Portland, ME!  If you are joining us for our Maine Adventure, you will be starting and ending your tour in Portland, ME. It’s Maine’s largest city at approximately 66,000. Situated right on the coast, Portland is a great mix of working fishing wharves, public parks, historic buildings and modern eateries. Foodie Town: More… Read more →

Maine’s Coast and Lighthouses

  Did you know Maine has the longest coastline in the lower 48? Yup! At 3,478 miles, it even beats out California at 3,427 miles. Add in the 4000+ islands and you get over 5,000 miles of coastline! That’s a lot of beautiful beaches, cliffs and vistas! Sprinkled along the coastline are 65 historical lighthouses…. Read more →