How We Travel

This is how we roll!

From the towering peaks of the Grand Tetons, to the weathered red rocks of the Southwest, to the rugged coast of Maine, we take you where you want to be - we take you away! For more than two decades, our unique sleeper coach bus, Molly has taken guests on a journey through to some of the most beautiful national parks. We now also offer Van Tours and Basecamp Tours designed to foster the same camaraderie, flexibility, and adventure our sleeper coach tours offer.

Basecamp and Van
Van Tours:

Our Van Tours typically cover less miles and offer deeper exploration in fewer locations. You can expect to camp in 2-3 locations throughout the week. We provide the tents and offer cot rentals for extra comfort. You can expect the same delicious meals, scenic campgrounds, evening campfires,  and even more flexibility with our itinerary.

Basecamp Tours:

Our Basecamp Tours will feature one campground for the entire tour. We provide the tents and offer cots for more comfort. Our Basecamp campgrounds typically offer trails, lakes, rivers, etc for evening and early morning exploration. We’ll explore our destinations during the day and return to our basecamp home at night. If the group chooses, we’ll explore more camp craft skills, like dutch oven cooking or cooking over the fire. We will have less travel time, less set up and take down time. It’s a chance to slow down and get more intimate with nature. That’s not to say our Basecamp Tours won’t be challenging and inspiring, just more immersive with a chance to really get to take in our surroundings and a chance to take breath deep, a chance to appreciate even more.

Bus Tours:

The interior of our buses are extremely unconventional – in a good way! With the seats removed, our buses have been converted into lounge areas complete with pillows, a stereo system and an ice chest for beverages. As night falls and we return from another exciting day of adventure the couches convert into comfy cozy bus-beds. There you can do a little light reading, play some cards with your friends while listening to groovy bus tunes on the bus-wide sound system or drift off to sleep while we cruise on down the road. We’ll stay in campgrounds and enjoy star filled skies, campfires, and yes… showers! It will be your choice to sleep in your bus-bed, in a tent, or right out under the stars.