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Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Island Maine

Monhegan Island, Maine is a highlight of our Maine Mountains and Coast tour. Our day begins in picturesque Port Clyde where we board a ferry for a one hour journey. We first pass by scenic Marshall Point Lighthouse, one of the most scenic lighthouses along the Maine Coast. You might recognize it from the movie Forrest Gump! During our ferry ride, we often spot northern gannets, greater black backed gulls and other seabirds. We’ve even seen seals and porpoise!

Monhegan Island has 12 miles of trails that weave in and out of the forest with wonderful ocean cliff views to explore. We will recommend our favorites. You can do as little or as much hiking as you want! We are sure you’ll find several spots where you will just want to sit and take in the views. Some of the inner trails of the Island are equally as enchanting. You’ll feel like you are back in the mountains in this dense spruce forest. 

Monhegan is also home to cafes, galleries, shops, a museum and a lighthouse, and even a brewery! Our favorite part about the island is that  it’s very secluded.  You often feel like you have the place to yourself. It’s truly a unique, beautiful day and one of our favorite AB experiences!