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Hiking at Logan Pass

There are two trails at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park that we love to spend time exploring: Hidden Lake Overlook and the Highline Trail.

Logan Pass sign
Logan Pass

Hidden Lake Overlook is a moderately easy hike through a beautiful alpine meadow filled with glacier lilies, alpine paint brush, marmots and big horn sheep, and sometimes, a bit of snow, even in July! The trail takes you to an amazing overlook, and yes, views of a “Hidden Lake”. It is a great spot to have a picnic lunch and to watch the marmots, big horn sheep, and mountain goats wander. The terrain is fragile up there, so it is best to stay on the trail and off the alpine tundra.

Big Horn Sheep
Logan Pass view

Across the road from the Hidden Lake Overlook trail and the Logan Pass Visitor Center is the beginning of the Highline Trail. This trail follows the Going to the Sun Road, but hundreds of feet above it, hugging the mountainside. It’s lined with wildflowers and crosses several small cascading creeks.

Logan Pass view
Logan Pass mountain view

You never know who you might meet along the trail!

Logan Pass hiking

The views and the beauty are astonishing. The trail is fairly easy and level, but the steep drop-offs may not be for everyone. The trail is over 7 miles one way, but it is worth hiking even a few hundred yards down the trail for stunning views.

Logan Pass view
Logan Pass view