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Arizona’s Native American Sites

Montezuma's Castle National Monument

Arizona is filled with Native American historical sites. Native peoples have existed in Arizona for thousands of years including the Hohokam, Mogollon, and Sinagua Peoples. We are fortunate that we get to visits some of the best examples of ruins on our Arizona Desert Explorer.

Montezuma’s Castle National Monument: Built between 1100 and 1425 AD, Montezuma’s Castle was home to the Sinagua People. It’s a 20 room, 5 story structure that can be observed along a shaded .3 mile self guided trail. The Visitor Center Museum offers artifacts and insights into the culture of the Sinagua People.
Photo courtesy of our guest Dorothy Masone

Wupatki National Monument: There are five pueblos located at Wupatki National Monument. In 1182 Wupatki was the largest pueblo of its kind with 100 rooms. The trail takes you right through the pueblo allowing close up views of the rooms and the unique ball court. It is believed that Wupatki was a center for trade because of the artifacts that have been found here like beads, shells, and macaw feathers.  

Photo courtesy of our guest Terry Downey

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument: Home to several cliff dwellings, the Island Trail is not to be missed. It will take you into the canyon, past 25 ruins  and great views of even more ruins across the canyon. The Rim Trail takes you through a Ponderosa forest with more pueblo views and a pithouse.

Tuzigoot National Monument: It is thought that about 250 people once lived at Tuzigoot in 110 rooms.  This unique pueblo sits on a hill overlooking the Verde River. The Visitor Center is home to a museum with artifacts.

Tuzigoot national monument