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Who Travels on the Adventure Bus?

Who Travels on the Adventure Bus?
Everyone! Teachers, students, mountain bikers, families, musicians, lawyers, doctors, photographers, writers, democrats AND yes, even republicans! Folks of all ages and from all walks of life with a desire for a different experience choose to ride on the Adventure Bus. First time hikers and campers as well as experienced travelers and backpackers join us for adventures.

It’s not uncommon to have folks from 2-3 different countries along for the adventure. The more diverse the group, the more exciting and amazing the tour is. One of the highlights of the trip is getting to know and share this unique experience with people from around the world. A strong bond quickly forms between travelers, and while a trip begins with 15 or so strangers, it usually ends with a “family” of travelers. Typically, folks are between the ages of 20-65, but we have had active folks as young as 74!

Warning!! Traveling with Adventure Bus can be addicting! Over 90% of our guests in 2023 were returning customers. Some were back for the 4th, 5th and even 10th tour! See what our returning guests have to say: Lisa , Terry  , Marlon.