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Sandy’s Testimonial

Sandy Glacier
Name:   Sandy Garrison

Where From:   Texas

AB Trips she has been on so far:  Washington Coast to Cascades, Alaska 11, Oregon, North to Yellowstone, Great Glacier Adventure 2X, 

My first of 7 (I think) Adventure Bus trips was after the loss of my husband and during a time of insane work demands, I was a mess physically and emotionally.  I had an  AB article  from budget travel  in my old school travel dream folder, I got brave and booked the Washington State trip and it was life changing.  I grew up camping and casually hiking so it was a great fit.

The group was so diverse, 19 year old Trader Joe clerk to a 70 something lady and everything in between, pediatrician to business professionals.  I loved everything about this trip, from exploring tidal pools with beach bonfires to rainforest hikes and of course hiking at Mount Rainier, everything was planned.  I loved having nothing to worry about other than what time the coffee was ready ) which is almost always at 7am)!
The owner of the company quietly took care of all the details of travel and was so attentive to the individual needs of all of us.  I went on to travel to Yellowstone, Alaska, Oregon and amazing Glacier. 
Don’t overthink this decision, just book it! 
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Sandy Oregon
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