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Lisa’s Testimonial

Lisa Strand
Name: Lisa Strand

From: San Diego CA

AB Trips she has been on: Glacier, Canadian Rockies, Grand Canyon and the Wild West, Maine, Yellowstone, Alaska, Badlands/Mt. Rushmore

Favorite Hikes: I have many favorite hikes!!! The most impressive was hiking the Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon. The Hoodoos were amazing. The Grand Canyon and Wild West trip brought us into several National Parks with a variety of excursions that were really a lot of fun!

Favorite Activities: One of my favorite activities (I have so many) was the kayaking around the glaciers in Valdez. We were suited up for safety and spent a couple hours paddling through the icy turquoise water in tandem kayaks.

I love Maine Lobster! So I have to say the hometown visit on the Maine tour to have a real New England lobster feed was my favorite. The back country roads in the fall are something you don’t see on the West Coast. We even stopped at a farm stand that sold Whoopie Pies on the honor system.

Favorite Parks I love all the National Parks and everything they offer. We always are given time for the visitor center. I have started a Passport Stamp book which is a wonderful collection of all the Parks I’ve spent time in.

Comments: These are just a couple things I love about AB that keep me coming back every year, the ease of traveling, the people you meet, and the places you see.

I’m looking forward to next year’s itinerary to see where I can travel to! I’m hoping New Mexico or Colorado. I may even sign up for a trip I’ve already been on.

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