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Marlon’s Testimonial

Marlon Ignacio
Name:   Marlon Ignacio

Where From:   Houston, Texas

AB Trips he’s been on so far:   Alaska-11, Grand Canyon and the Wild West, North to Yellowstone, Maine

Favorite Hike or Activity:   My favorite activities so far have been kayaking on the Valdez Glacier melt in Alaska (because it was my first time in a kayak), going on the boat cruise in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords NP (watching the calving of the glaciers was so amazing), biking downhill at top speeds on the old carriage roads of Acadia NP in Maine (there were no cars and hardly any pedestrians to worry about). and riding the rollercoaster-like Unimog in Moab (the girls’ screaming at the top of their lungs was so hilarious).

Favorite Park(s):   My favorite parks would have to be Bryce Canyon NP because of the beautiful and uncanny red spires, Katmai NP because of the exciting bear viewing and the cool flight over to the park on a 10-seater Cessna plane.

Favorite AB Meal(s):   Almond Joy Pancakes, Thai Chicken Rice Bowl, and Kyle’s Chicken Penne Pasta in a creamy mushroom and wine sauce.

Comments:   The reason I keep coming back to AB is because all the tedious work of researching where to go is all done for me.  I just relax and let Stephanie do all that for me.  And I don’t have to worry about the driving, getting lost, and wondering where I’ll be getting my next meal.  I much prefer sleeping in the fresh air of the outdoors in a tent rather then being cooped up in a hotel room.  Getting to know the other passengers is a big part of the fun also.  It sure beats traveling alone.

I am an avid photography enthusiast.  Please check out slide shows of each of my AdventureBus trips by clicking the links below.  For best results, press your F11 key for full-screen view.  Press F11 again to return to normal view.

Bear In river
Maine Lighthouse
Tetons kayaks