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AB Recipe: Lunchtime! The AB Busbox!

Lunch on the Adventure Bus is always delicious and healthy. Most days, we pack up a lunch to take with us out on the trail so you can eat under a shady pine tree, along a babbling brook, and on your own time, so you can snack along the way, or find that perfect spot for a lunch break. 

In the past, we primarily offered a “make your own sandwich” station featuring different deli meats, cheeses, hummus, lettuce and tomato,  and of course the standard peanut butter and jelly. In 2022 we introduced the Busbox! 

Searching for a solution to deal with Covid and always wanting to improve on sanitation conditions, led us to develop the Busbox. In 2022 we pre-packed the boxes in the morning for folks to take with them, accommodating those with food allergies and dietary needs and taking requests. We also offered the sandwich making station for those who needed a bit more. The reception was great and we discovered it also saved time, especially on mornings we needed to pack up.

Each day  Lunch on the Adventure Bus features something different in the Busbox, but always a protein or two, fresh fruit or vegetable, a grain, nuts and sometimes a sweet treat! Here are a few examples of our Busboxes. What would like to see in your Busbox? Here is a list of some of the items we used. Folks even got inspired to create their own once they returned home after our Maine Mountains and Coast Tour

Cheese Stick
Peanut Butter
Hard Boil Egg
Ham and Cheese Chunks
Trail Mix

Fresh Veggies/Fruit
Half Banana
Carrot Sticks
Snap Peas
Celery Sticks
Apple Slices

Mini Pita Breads
Mini Bagels
Pretzel Sticks
Fig Newtons
Peanut Butter filled Pretzels

Mini candy bars
Peanut M&Ms
Ginger snaps

Adventure Bus Lunch
Lunch Box
Yellowstone Lunch on Adventure Bus
Mindy's Lunch on the Adventure Bus
Katy's Lunch on the Adventure Bus