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Life on the Bus

What do we bring?

With your confirmation forms, you will receive a packing list and information on what to expect from the climate of your specific tour.  The less you pack, the better! It’ll mean you’ll have less stuff to keep track of. Most of our tours offer laundry at least once throughout the week.  Our tours are pretty casual, so you should focus on comfort and practicality. If you have questions about what you think you might need, don’t be afraid to ask us before your tour.

Here is the basic list. This may change slightly with each tour, but we will let you know.


Pack light and think layers!

1-2 pairs of pants or jeans (zip-off pants are super convenient)

3-4 pairs of shorts

3-4 t-shirts or tank tops

Sweatshirt or long-sleeve fleece shirt

Light-weight waterproof jacket or wind breaker

Bathing suit

Knit cap (for chilly campfire nights)

Hiking boots or sturdy sneakers

Sturdy water sandals (Teva®-like) or water shoes (flip-flops aren’t sturdy enough)

Undergarments, socks, undies, etc.

*Laundry facilities will be available throughout the week



Please pack your gear in a soft-sided suitcase or duffel bag! We recommend a carry-on size bag, which is approximately
22″ x 14″ x 9″

Daypack or backpack and water bottle (Camelbaks® and other hydration backpacks are one of the best inventions ever or so we like to think. Also, most backpacks can hold a hydration reservoir aka “bladder”)





Camera (guests tend to average 20-50 photographs per day)

Small flashlight or headlamp (hands-free headlamps are super handy)

Ear plugs (to block out the occasional snorer that falls asleep before you)

Warm sleeping bag w/ 15°-30° rating (we rent super warm sleeping bags for only $30)



Camera Battery and Cell Phone Chargers (You can use your wall chargers while the bus is on the road. We can also accommodate car chargers, but prefer wall chargers)

Here are somethings we DO NOT recommend you bring:

Tents, sleeping pads or other camping equipment. We have all of this for you, and it will just cost you extra in luggage fees.

Pillows: We have plenty on the Bus. Just make sure to bring a pillowcase.

Other helpful packing tips:

Test out any new equipment ahead of time! Break in new hiking boots, and test out Camelbaks and Water bottles/bladders before your trip, so you can get right on the trail.

Hiking poles: They generally do not allow them on planes unless they are in your checked luggage. We usually have some on the bus, but if you hike with them a lot, you may want to bring your own pair.

Food and Snacks: We’ll have plenty of snacks and water on the bus for you, but if there is something specific you need or enjoy, you may want to bring it ahead of time. On most tours, we make grocery stops throughout the week.  If you have special dietary needs like gluten free, vegan, etc… make sure we know ahead of time.