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How physically fit do I have to be?

Our trips are as easy or hard as you to make them. If you want to hike, bike or swim all day, you will find others that will want to do the same. Just as easily, you can sit under a big tree, relax and read a book.

Sometimes people are concerned about the difficulty of the hikes and activities, especially if they are not in the best shape of their lives. We do our best to offer diverse options each day so that everyone can enjoy our tours! Long and short hikes. Technical and smooth. Flat and steep. We’ll recommend trails and activities to you each day, but you are always free to do as much or as little as you want! And if you want to take a break from hiking, we’ll help you with that too! There are often opportunities to do other activities such as horseback riding, swimming, or biking, explore visitor centers, or attend a ranger program.