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Can my kids come?

Kids are welcome on AB with the understanding that they will be exposed to different things onboard Adventure Bus than they would experience at Disneyland. Kids love the bus, but you know best what your children can handle. If they’ve had previous hiking and camping experience, they will love our adventures.

Historically, certain tours tend to have more kids on them than others. If you are thinking of bringing your kids, and would like to travel with other kids, we will do our best to make that happen, but it is not a guarantee.

Although the majority of our guests are solo travelers, families of all sorts love to travel with us too. In regards to younger children, we usually recommend that they are 9+ years old and have previous hiking and camping experience. Our flexible itineraries allow families to do their own thing if they like. They can choose to hike with the group or choose another activity. Many of the national parks offer free activities like the Jr Ranger Program that are great ways for kids (and adults!) to learn more about the parks.