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Ronda’s Testimonial

Ronda Climing ladder

Name: Ronda

Where From: Missouri

AB Trips you’ve been on so far: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Trail of the Ancients, Glacier, Washington, Oregon, Canada

Comments: I can’t get enough of Adventure Bus. Since discovering them in 2007 I don’t think I have missed a year. Many years taking more than one trip. It is the best way to really experience the National Parks and some hidden treasures along the way. Everyday provides opportunities to explore until you can’t go anymore or relax and take in the beauty surrounding you. Your choice. You don’t have to drive, wonder where you are going to stay for the night or where you will eat.  Instead of a hotel you get to be in nature. Very comfortably I may add. Sleeping on thick foam cushions.  Often enjoying a campfire. And the freshly prepared meals are so delicious, and nutritious!

I always go on these trips by  myself, and make new friends that I stay in touch with.

If you enjoy the outdoors and want to experience more of it, you have to try this. Maybe I’ll see you on a trip. 😉