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Pam’s Testimonial

Pam in Bryce Canyon
Pam Grand Canyon

Name: Pam Perry

From: Irving, TX

AB Trips you’ve been on: 6 I think. Best of the West and Grand Canyon twice, Yellowstone, Glacier, Alaska, and Canada

Favorite Hike or Activity: I really enjoy the trips that offer multiple activity choices such as white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc. I haven’t been able to do so much hiking lately so having different options to choose from make the trip more fun. It was really cool to sleep outside by the river last summer before our hike in Zion. Could hear the river all night and had a full moon above us.

Favorite Park(s): My favorite park I think is Bryce Canyon because it is just so unique in it’s formation. My second best would be the hike to Consolation Lake in Canada where we had the opportunity to see three Grizzly bears on the trail right in front of us and I got a picture of it.

Favorite AB Meal(s): Breakfast especially the banana chocolate chip pancakes.

Comments: One of the best things about AB is that you can travel as a single and don’t have to pay extra for it. It is nice to not have to find someone to travel with all of the time. Also you get a chance to meet new people from all areas of the country. My first trip was the Best of the West with the Grand Canyon and my most recent trip, so obviously it made a good impression on me. I would like to revisit Alaska and/or the Canadian Rockies.