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Oteka’s Testimonial

hiking glacier

Name: Oteka Reed
From: Newark, Texas (near Ft Worth)

AB Trips she has done so far: Alaska X2, Maine, Great Glacier Adventure, Canadian Rockies and Washington Coast to Cascades.
Favorite Activity: I’d have to say that white water rafting in Alaska was pretty amazing, especially since it was my first time.
Favorite Parks: There is no way I could possibly pick a favorite park, they all have such unique qualities from the snow capped Mt Rainier to the spectacular scenery and hiking in Glacier and Alaska, to the ocean views on Monhegan Island in Maine and the beautiful turquoise water at Lake Louise in Banff. The potential to see wildlife in their natural habitat exists on most trips as well.
hikers glacier

Favorite AB Meal: The food…..well if you ever walk away hungry, it’s your own fault. Some of my favorites are the Moo Shoo Pork Wraps, Chicken Tarragon Salad,  Burritos and Chili.

dinner while camping
cooking while camping morrells

Comments: I’ve been on some trips with family members and some with my best friend, seems like with every trip I’ve ended up with a new friend or two. What I really like is the fact that I don’t have to map out an itinerary, just book a flight, pack according to the potential weather and roll with the flow when I get there. My sights for 2020 are set on Grand Canyon and the Wild West and maybe even Oregon Bound, who knows.