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North Rim: Peace and Quiet at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Rim

North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is quiet, peaceful, and of course grand! The calm, the cooler temperatures, and colorful splendor make this a memorable place. Here are a few things of our favorites at North Rim.

Bright Angel Point
A short hike takes you out to Bright Angel Point along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Any time of day you get tremendous views of the sandstone layers, but the best time to gaze across the canyon is at sunrise. The changing hues of pinks, yellows, oranges are just amazing.

The North Rim Lodge
Constructed out of local rock and wood, the North Rim Lodge is stunning. We recommend sitting out on the deck and gazing into the canyon with a coffee or drink from the Saloon. Or, grab lunch in the dining room where you can look right out into the canyon while you dine. Don’t miss the statue of Brighty, the Mule of Grand Canyon. They say rubbing his nose brings you good luck!

Grand Canyon Rim

The Transept Trail
Sure, you can hike into the canyon if you want, but from the North Rim, it is not possible to hike to the River and back in one day. We love the quiet, woodsy, meandering Transept Trail best, which has plenty of overlooks to gaze out into the canyon. You’re likely to see some mule deer among the towering Ponderosa Pines.

Kaibab Squirrel
This cool creature is NOT your average squirrel. You will not find them anywhere else, as they only live at North Rim of the Grand Canyon! They are part of the Abert Squirrel family, which need to live at high elevations. They are a bit elusive, but somewhat easy to spot due to their white bushy tails! You are likely to spot them among the Ponderosas along the Transept Trail.

Kaibab Squirrel

California Condors
As you gaze out over the canyon, keep your eyes out for California Condor. We love this success story! In 1982  North America’s largest bird numbers dwindled to only 22. Due to conservation efforts and breeding in captivity, there are now more than 70 wild Condors in the Grand Canyon area that live and breed and over 230 throughout the Southwest and Baja.

You can experience the calm, quiet and beauty of North Rim on our Grand Canyon and the Wild West tour.