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Wildlife of the Florida Everglades and Keys

You expect to see alligators in Florida, but how about manatees, crocodiles, miniature deer, and birds of every size, shape and color including the Magnificent Frigatebird, chickens that roam the streets of Key West?


Tortugus bird
Frigate Bird

Snorkel, and you’ll see even more incredible creatures like jelly fish, sergeant majors, hogfish, tangs and gars. The Florida Reef is after all, the third largest coral barrier reef in the world!


Manatee Minette

Stroll along the paths of Everglades and Bahia Honda State Park and you’ll find even more unique creatures, like lizards, key deer (that only grow to be 3 feet tall) insects and beautiful butterflies.


Lizard florids
butterfly florida
key deer florida
insect florida