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Wild Wild West!

Step back in time at Goldfield Ghost Town  and Tombstone, AZ!

Established in 1892, Goldfield began when a substantial amount of gold was found in the Superstition Mountains. The legend of the “Lost Dutchman’s Gold” also brought folks to the town. At one point 1500 people lived in the settlement. Unfortunately the gold supply fizzled out and within five years, the town began to fizzle too. The “Lost Dutchman’s Gold” has never actually been found and may still be hidden in the Superstition Mountains!

Visit Tombstone, and walk down the same streets that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday did! Silver is what brought people to the Tombstone area in the 1870s, which grew to more than 15,000 people in the mid 1880s.The BirdCage Theater, Boothill Graveyard, and the site of the Fight at the OK Coral are some of the places you can still visit today!