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Hiking in Zion National Park

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Zion National Park is a hiker’s paradise! There are dozens of hiking trails to pick from, but here are the 3 we recommend if it is your first time in the park or you have limited time.

New Zion Canyon
Emerald Pool Falls
Emerald Pools
A moderate hike, this series of loops is about 3 miles long. This hike provides beautiful views of the high canyon walls, serene pools, and waterfalls that range from peaceful trickles to roaring downpours, depending on the season and recent weather conditions. It is also a fairly shady hike which is nice on a hot summer day.
Angel’s Landing
This trail is both mentally and physically challenging, but the views are worth every step of this 1500 ft high, five mile return hike. It is a pretty steady climb for the first 2 miles, but if you start early in the morning, you can hike before the sun gets to the canyon floor and stay cool. You’ll also pass through Refrigerator Canyon which tends to be 10 degrees cooler. After climbing up Walter’s Wiggles, a set of 23 switchbacks, you’ll reach Scout’s Point, and stunning views up and down the canyon. Climb the last half mile up the rocks with the assistance of poles and chains, and you are rewarded with an unforgettable 360 degree view. This is not recommended if you have a fear of heights. But even if you just make it to Scout’s Point, the view is well worth the effort!
Angels Landing Views
Zion narrows

River Walk/Narrows
Nothing beats the lush shaded River Walk and the Narrows out and back hike on a hot day. The first mile is a paved walk along the Virgin River beneath towering red cliffs. From there, follow the trail in and out of the refreshing river. You’ll pass beautiful waterfalls and swim holes. The canyon “narrows” the further in you go. Go prepared to be wet as negotiating the river without falling at least once is nearly impossible, but usually welcomed on a hot day!

Whether you are looking for a hearty challenge, or just a stroll in the park, Zion has something for you!