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Canyonlands Geology

There are some that believe the views and vistas at Canyonlands National Park are better than that of Grand Canyon. We love them both!

Grand Canyon overlook

The Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park is both breathtaking and unique. Carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers and their tributaries, the exposed multi-colored layers of sandstone display millions of years of history and erosion. It is an amazing feeling and sight to walk along the rim of Grand Overlook while watching the changing colors with the sun in the canyon and ponder the passing of this much time.

mesa arch
A favorite feature of ours at Canyonlands is Mesa Arch. Perched high above Shafer Canyon with the La Sal Mountains in the background, it is one of the prettiest views in all of Utah.
Another unique formation that leaves us with much to ponder at Canyonlands is Upheaval Dome. Scientists are stilling trying to figure out exactly what it is – a site of a meteor crash or the remnants of a salt volcano?
upheaval dome