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Mindy’s Testimonial

Mindy jumping on beach

Name: Mindy Hardy
Where From: Ohio

AB Trips she’s been on so far: Grand Canyon and the Wild West, Trail of the Ancients, Colorado Peaks & Canyons, Great Glacier Adventure, Washington Coast to Cascades, Dakota Badlands & Black Hills (2 times), Canadian Rockies

Favorite Hike or Activity:  I can’t narrow it down to one thing, so I’ll generalize. I absolutely love the hiking. I love going new places and having new adventures. I loved introducing my husband Rick and my step-daughter Delaney to the national parks and all they have to offer.  I also love all the friendships I have made while on the bus and the fun times we’ve had off the bus as well.

Favorite Park(s): Glacier National Park, followed closely by a whole lot of other parks I have visited on and off AdventureBus (like Bryce Canyon, Dry Tortugas, Great Smoky Mountain, Tetons, Mesa Verde just to name a few).

Favorite AB Meal(s): Smoked salmon chowder, burritos, Navajo stew & fry bread, and Stephanie’s special celery-free tuna salad.

Comments: I grew up camping and visiting the national parks and have camped all my life with family. In 2004 I found Adventure Bus, which introduced me to a whole new family. I solo tripped three times, brought a friend on two trips, then got married and brought my husband Rick on two trips and my step-daughter Delaney on one trip. We’ve had to create our own version of Adventure Bus trips a few times due to life getting in the way, but there’s nothing like being on the bus. We definitely hope to be back on the bus soon!

Group photo on boat
Friends hiking