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Rick’s Dakota Gallery

Rick joined us for the first time in 2010. His wife Mindy  had been on several AB tours previously and wanted to share the experience with him. Badlands National Park was Rick’s first ever visit to a national park and now he is hooked! Another one of his favorite places on the tour was Devil’s Tower. He also felt every U.S. citizen should visit Mount Rushmore in honor of our presidents and their role in the formation and evolution of our country.  Together, Rick and Mindy have also been on our recent Canadian Rockies tour. They hope to do one of our desert tours next. Here are some of Rick’s photos from the Dakota Badlands and Black Hills tour.

Thanks for sharing Rick!


“Stephanie and Ardell, Thank you for a wonderful experience. In my two trips I have seen more sights and wildlife than I ever thought I would. Sharing these adventures with Mindy and her extended family (Ronda, Mary Beth, Barb, Dawn, Jessica, John, Helen and everyone else I have had the privilige to meet) made the Badlands not so bad and the Canadien Rockies awesome. Everyone is so welcoming, the food was great but the sights and memories are something I will always have. While waiting for the plane to go home Mindy and I are trying to decide what’s next. These trips have opened a whole new world to me. I am thinking the desert.”   Rick