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What about showers?

One of the most popular questions we get, is “When do we get showers?” We do not have a shower on the bus, so we utilize the facilities in the campgrounds we stay in. On most tours you’ll get a shower at some point everyday, and or at least every other day.

On occasion we either choose to stay, or must stay in campgrounds that do not offer shower facilities. Our preference is to stay in campgrounds that offer both scenery and great facilities, but it isn’t always available to us. For example the campgrounds of Yellowstone do not have showers, but offer wildlife and beautiful sights.

When we can not offer you a shower, we do our best to give you at least a chance to swim. We think of it this way, what are you going to remember in 10 years, the great shower you had in Wyoming, or waking up with an elk walking through your campground?