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Monument Valley

You may not know it by name, but you’ve seen it in the movies, in commercials, calendars, etc. But nothing compares to seeing it person, and nothing compares to camping there and waking up to a truly Monumental sunrise.

Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park. Here are a few things we love about it!

The Stars:
We arrive after dark to our campground at Monument Valley, and since it is in a very remote area on the Utah/Arizona border, the stars are incredible! When it’s clear, we see so many stars, it’s difficult to pick out the usual constellations. We often see the Milky Way too!

Monument Valley

Sunrise among the monuments, in particular the famous “Mittens” is a sunrise you’ll never forget. The first light orange sky among the mesas and buttes is simply stunning. This is followed by changing hues on the red rocks and in the sky. Add in the unique silhouettes of the monuments and you got a moment you will not forget!

Monument Valley Adventure Bus
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

The Tour through the Monuments:
We travel deeper on a guided tour into the Valley to explore more of the unique formations including the Three Sisters, John Ford’s Point, some sacred arches and petroglyphs. Our guides often perform traditional Navajo music on drums, flutes and singing and share some of their local culture.

The Visitor Center
Here’s your chance to dive a bit deeper into the history of the Navajo People, or the Dine (pronounced Dee-nay) as they like to be called. The visitor center has a great timeline outlining the history and great exhibit honoring the Navajo Code Talkers from World War II.

Monument Valley