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Hiking in Grand Teton

Snow-capped peaks, moose, wildflowers, crisp clean mountain air, cascading creeks, this is Grand Teton National Park.
One of our favorite hikes on all of our national park tours, is Cascade Canyon near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton.


The Tetons
Hiking in Cascade Canyon
Jenny Lake

We begin this hike with a boat ride across pristine alpine Jenny Lake. A ten minute ride gets us to the other side of the lake with beautiful views of the mountain peaks from the middle of the lake.

From the boat dock, a 1/2 mile hike along a beautiful cascading creek takes us to beautiful Hidden Falls. It is a raging waterfall that you hear, long before you actually see.


Cascade creek
Hidden Falls
inspriation point

Next, we head up the switchbacks to Inspiration Point at 7200 feet with a beautiful view of the lake below. It is a good spot to catch your breath and have a snack. Just be careful the chipmunks and squirrels don’t try and steal your sandwich!

The trail then heads into the canyon, following the creek in a more wooded area where picas, marmots, deer, and even pine martens aren’t far off the trail.

Cascade Canyon
Momma and baby moose

Another 30 minutes up the trail, you lose the crowds and the canyon opens up to beautiful meadows along the creek, surrounded by mountain peaks and distant waterfalls. It is along this section of the trail we have seen moose 100% of the time! And black bear a handful of times.

You can follow the canyon a few more miles to the area called the Forks before heading back down and catching the boat back to the parking area.

Come enjoy this hike with us on our North to Yellowstone tour!