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Trish’s Testimonial

Name: Trish Lindsey

From: Los Angeles, CA

AB Trips she has been on so far: Best of the West, Alaska, Washington Coast to Cascades, Oregon Bound, Canadian Rockies, Arizona Desert Explorer, Dakota Badlands and Black Hills

Favorite Hike or Activity: 
*Exit Glacier Hike in Kenaj Fjords National Park, Alaska
*Ruby Beach in Washington
*Sulphur Mountain in Banff

Favorite Park(s): Zion And Bryce National Parks just because it was my first trip with AB

Favorite AB Meal: Navajo Stew no doubt!











I always look forward to a trip with AB! A week with them means I get to relax, not think of any worries, be one with nature, enjoy the meals that Stephanie and her crew makes and most important of all for me, I get give up all the hustle and grind of daily life. You see, Adventure Bus has it all down that they just tell you what the activity is and you go have fun with it! Or not, you can also just not do anything but it’s guaranteed that you are in an amazing place.
You also get to meet great people and you will have each other’s backs on the hikes and even after the trip.The itineraries are well thought out and comprehensive enough that you are not missing out on anything in that area.

Thank you Stephanie and I look forward to more adventures with AB!

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