Adventure Bus - We take you where you want to go!  Choose your adventure and leave the driving and details up to us.

Charter the Adventure Bus

Groups can charter a fully equipped Adventure Bus for a unique adventure. Mt bike and hiking clubs, family reunions, scouts, and groups of friends have all chartered the Adventure Bus.

Let us know when and where you wish to travel, your special interests and budget and we can design a trip to fit the exact needs and expectations of your group. We’ll also let you know about secret spots and extraordinary places such as hot springs and swimming holes that might be missed when traveling in unfamiliar areas. You can charter one of our scheduled departures or we can customize an itinerary to your exact requirements. An Adventure Bus chartered trip is the ultimate way to enjoy effortless travel.

If your group is 8 to 14 guests and you prefer the dates and features of our standard tours, you can reserve an entire trip from our fixed-departure schedule for your private use. It is important to reserve charters as soon as possible. Call or email us to check availability. 1-888-737-5263.

Recent Charter Groups include DFW Outdoors Club, Portuguese Travelers, Canadian Girl Guides, Top Banana Mt Bike Club and Petersham Mt Bikers.

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