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Zhe Jin

I am a Chinese. This was my 4th trip to US. After the first two trip spent most of my time in NYC, DC, LA, SF, LV …, I decided to explore more about the real nature of America. Last trip, I went to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon which totally impressed me.

I found this trip on the internet, while I was suffering from trying to pick a right trip for me. Most of my friends are still indulging in shopping in 5th avenue or fan of Disney Land. And I do not want to travel on my own. While at the same time, I just wonder whether camping is a good idea for a person who never had done that before, even in his own country. I could not resist the scenery I had seen from some photos online, I firmly made up mine mind that I will choose this trip, whatever challenges I would meet. And I had to not tell my friends and colleagues, since all of them thought I was crazy.

The fact is, the trip was way beyond my expectation. The scenery, undoubtedly, was beautiful. I am amazed that within only 1 week of the travel time, I had seen so many different kinds of geographicentity. Some of them are only such type exist in US. The trip arrangement was so fantastic that every detail has been covered. I was taken good care of that I needed not to worry about nothing but enjoying the beautifulness. I really love the idea of travel with the bus. I can sit, sleep, lay on any part of the bus. (Hardly to imagine if I travel in the car or some tourist bus with 45 people on it). And the people on the bus is so friendly, which makes the bus more like a place for a big family. As a foreign traveler, who already traveled 20 countries, I think this is the only way that not only I could see the scenery, but understand the history / culture and make friends as well. And this is my definition of the true meaning of TRAVEL. It is not a luxury (not for the people who expecting to have Ritz Carlton). But it is comfortable, convenient. Most importantly, it gives you the fun which I do not think any other such trip could provide. Really enjoy it and can not help thinking of my next trip with Adventure Bus. Last, I need to express my respect and thanks to the boss, and the chef, and the driver, and the tourist guide, Stephanie

Best of the West, April 2010