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Adventure Bus – Thanks so much for the fantastic trip to Grand Canyon, Yellowstone etc. I particularly enjoyed sun bathing on the North Rim of the Canyon and seeing that grizzly at Yellowstone. The hikes were particularly enjoyable, especially the one to the outhouse. One suggestion, next time , it would be great if you could have a hair dryer on board for general use. But SERIOUSLY, now that I am done paying you two to be my friend, maybe you can come and visit me in Boston! Hope to see you again next year. I can’t wait to come back.

PS Did I mention this was the best vacation/trip I’ve ever had? You 2 rule!

Best of the National Parks, August 2008

Melissa has also joined us on our Florida Everglades and Keys, Great Glacier Adventure, and Washington Coast to Cascades. And yes, we have visited her twice!