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Mary Cooper

I had a great time once again on the Adventurebus!  I’m beginning to think that half the adventure is meeting all the personalities that come on the trips.  I always know I’ll like them because we are all the same in that we love to hike and camp.
Thanks for all your diligent work to find the most interesting places for us to see and the best available campsites.  There’s no way any one of us could research a trip to find all those places.  Your experience is the best research.  I appreciate also how you and Ardell take the time to drive us to those places even if they are out of the way or there are few roads.
I’m glad you like our curiosity.  I’m all about the plants and wildlife (including 20 mules), the challenging hikes and the beautiful scenery.  You have helped me appreciate geology a bit more too.  I especially liked the geology I could climb around on at Barker Dam.
The campfire music fest was so much fun and will be a good memory for me.  I have written some copy that you can include on your website free of charge :
While on your Adventurebus tour you’re sure to love evenings around the campfire underneath a sky full of bright stars.  Enjoy the musical stylings of professionally trained Stephanie Emery
as she woos you with her gentle ukulele and invites you to sing along to beloved cowboy songs or folk favorites.  Perhaps you could do a jig to her merry pennywhistle as her fingers dance along the small instrument with skill and joy.  Melodies will roll pleasantly in your head as later you drift off into the slumber of a happy camper.”  
No need to thank me…      Mary
But we will anyway Mary! Thanks! Mary has been on our Best of the National Parks two week tour and our Death Valley and the Mojave Desert tour.