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Mark and Rebecca

Which time? My first memory scary at first, but humorous later) was seeing this safari van and a guy looking like he had a really rough night walking toward us from the Luxor parking lot in Vegas saying, “You looking for Adventure Bus?” After loading up and heading out, this character named Ardell passed this box of packaged cinnimon buns around and said, “Here’s breakfast!” Although I thought we were in trouble, the next few days of the Super Loop were awesome. When we arrived back at Las Vegas, Rebecca and I renewed our wedding vows at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel.

Our second tour was Go North! The Tetons, Jenny Lake, and Old Faithful! The beauty! Although I did not see any grizzlies, but I did see that same crazy Ardell retrieve his hat (that was blown off by a gust of wind) from underneath a moose standing along the trail in the Tetons! I also enjoyed the white water rafting in Jackson Hole. Rebecca and I both thought this was great. We saw eagles soaring and awesome scenery. I decided to stay for a second week, even though Rebecca had to return home to work. Bryce, Zion, and Moab. There was also a trail run down into the Canyon! I am amazed by the panoramics of the west.

Year three – Rebecca and I traveled the second half of my last year’s tour. Not only did we once again love Zion and Bryce, we shopped Moab for decor for our kitchen that we had just redone. Great metal work, pottery and more. The evening ride in the Unimog over Fins and Things and Hell’s Revenge took me to places I never imagined.

Year four – Trail of the Ancients – This year I was thrilled and saddened. What happened to these advanced people? Why did they leave? But what an awesome place these people had to call home!

From fireworks to forest fires, white water to natural water slides, canyons to mountains, Monument Valley to Sin City, AdventureBus has taken Rebecca and I all over the region. Dreams of leaving this coast for the mountains, lakes, arches and valleys in the Western US are played over and over in our minds. Although we were unable to travel Adventure Bus this year over the 4th of July, we attempted to call and wish the tour a happy Independence Day! Adventure Bus has changed our perception of the world we live in. Thank You AB!

Mark and Rebecca have now been on 4, wait no 5, wait maybe it is 6 tours also including the Great Glacier Adventure and Oregon Bound.

Grand Canyon and the Wild West

Great Glacier Adventure

North to Yellowstone

Oregon Bound


Trail of the Ancients