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John McMahon

“I went on my first trip with Adventure Bus in 2008 as a means to “efficiently” see national parks and to get in as much scenery as possible during a week of vacation. It was in effect to be a cruise ship on wheels with interesting national parks as the ports of call.

Two years and 4 trips later I find that my reasons for returning to Adventure Bus have shifted from that of a logical option for sightseeing and hiking to one that now includes looking forward to reuniting with, and making new Adventure Bus friends.

To date, my favorite trip has been Death Valley, so much so that I’ve done this trip two years in a row. In particular hiking through the zebra striped badlands and storm washes of Zabriskie Point has been one of the most memorable Adventure Bus hikes for me. Overall the surreal desert landscapes dotted with vibrant spring time flowers on that trip is a real treat and such an fascinating environment to spend a week exploring.”

Update on John: He has joined us for our Best of the West, Death Valley and Mojave Desert, Dakota Badlands and Black Hills, Oregon Bound, and Trail of the Ancients tours!

Best of the West

Death Valley and the Mojave Desert

Oregon Bound