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Our last trip in August 2006 (#4) was just great! I was really relaxed and enjoyed everything so much. It was especially nice to know what side trips I wanted to go on, but I’m not sure I’ll do the horseback trip at Bryce Canyon again. It was great and beautiful, expert guides with a lot of knowledge about the area, but I just wasn’t in good enough shape. Well, maybe I’ll try it again. You never know. I especially loved the Navajo stew that Ardell did. Super fantastic!! Of course all the food was good all the time. I’ve already started planning my next trip for next summer. Not sure which one I want to do, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Joan has been on, well lets just say A LOT of tours. She has even brought her grandsons and husband and twin sister on a few too! This summer she plans to return with her granddaughter!

Grand Canyon and the Wild West