Adventure Bus - We take you where you want to go!  Choose your adventure and leave the driving and details up to us.


My experiences? Well, suffice it to say, after my first Adventure Bus summer, I quit my full-time job, put my house up for sale and moved to Utah to hang out with Stephanie and Ardell. My love for Utah’s red rocks and canyons continues to this day. Who knew when I signed up for my first trip to Baja in 2003 (signed on for an additional 2 swings through Utah that very summer.) Adventure Bus set me on a path of true adventure. My favorite memories-waking to a glorious sunset at Monument Valley; staring in awe at the gorgeous canyon walls of Zion and knowing I made it to the top of Angel’s Landing; trekking with fierce determination through the evergreen forests and wildflowers to Solitude Lake in the Grand Tetons (I LOVE the Tetons–it’s a magical place); and then there’s Moab and Arches and Canyonlands, which feels like my second home. I could go on and on… Oh, and the food. Holy guacamole, navajo stew, chocolate/banana pancakes, we always ate well! Adventure Bus inspired me and saved me from an ordinary existence. Much love to Adventure Bus… always!

Barb has been on ….. well, we lost track a long time ago!