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Life on the Adventure Bus

So what exactly is the Adventure Bus? Some call it a “rolling dorm room”, a “sleeper coach,” others a “land cruise”. We call it home for about 7 months a year.

The inside of our buses are outfitted to comfortably transport and sleep 12-20 people. The regular seats have been removed and replaced with comfy benches with 4 inch cushions. Some of the benches convert into bunk beds. Although we try to spend most of the day time hours out on the trail, some days we’ll do a bit of driving. Our bus is ideal for playing card games, taking a nap, socializing, or watching the scenery go by. On board coolers provide cold drinks.
Some nights we all sleep in individual beds until we arrive at our next destination, usually by midnight or 1am. Other nights people choose to either sleep in their bus bed or borrow one of our tents and sleeping pads. Some folks even sleep right out under the stars!
Outside of the bus, in our bays, you’ll find camping equipment such as chairs, tents, tarps, cooking equipment, firewood and even an ice box! Althoughwe prepare most of your food for you, many folks choose to help us with the meals, as that is a fun social event. You’ll also find bikes and other toys such as frisbees, footballs, and volleyballs.
There is one item our bus DOES NOT have, a bathroom! What… no bathroom? Yup! That means no bathroom “smell” or dealing with the waste. No worries though, we stop often for bathroom breaks!
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Life on the bus