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Life on the Adventure Bus: Solo Travelers

One of the top concerns we hear from potential customers is “I am traveling alone, will I feel left out?” The answer is simply, no! Seventy five percent of our customers are traveling on their own, looking to meet like-minded people and see beautiful places.
We consider ourselves a “solo-friendly” tour. While families and couples do occasionally join us, the majority of guests come on their own.

There are several reasons why Adventure Bus is perfect for the solo traveler. Here are a few of them.
The interior design of the Adventure Bus makes our tours very social right from the beginning. A bond forms quickly, and everyone looks out for each other on the trail or wherever.
Even though folks come from all different backgrounds and cultures, they all have the common interest of wanting to be active in beautiful places. The differences make for great conversation and discovery around the campfire. People often stay in contact long after the tour is over, and often travel with each other again!
If you are truly a loner, or just need a bit of space, our tours are designed to be flexible enough just for that purpose! Hike with the group, or pick your own trail. During the day, you can choose what you want to do, with the help and suggestions from our knowledgeable guides.
Other tours charge extra if you come on your own. But because of the way we travel, we don’t need to charge extra if you come by yourself.
The best part of all, is you can just be yourself.

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