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Oh Canada! We Love your Lakes!

We can’t get enough of the beautiful lakes of Banff National Park! What gives these lakes their beautiful green coloring? Believe it or not it isn’t the water at all, but the dirt! Depending on where you are, this “dirt” has different names: rock flour, glacial flour, or glacial silt.

This finely ground dirt, or silt has been carved, scooped up, suspended, and moved by glaciers over thousands of years. When the glaciers melt, the silt gets deposited into lakes. It is so fine it is  suspended in the water absorbing all the colors of the light except for the blues and greens which our eyes can see. These lakes can often be different colors throughout the year. In times of melting, like in the Spring, these lakes can be more vivid than in the Fall.  Here are a few of our favorite lakes, Lake Moraine, Lake Louise, Lake Agnes, and Mirror Lake, all located in Banff National Park!




Canadian Rockies!

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